Farsley Farfield Primary School

It’s a sunny end to the week!

This week, our outdoor spaces have been buzzing with activity, and the children have been absolutely thrilled. At Farsley, we are fortunate to have vast areas for them to run, play sports, and build dens. Year 3 have enjoyed making the most of these spaces this week!


This week, we have completed our second unit on fractions. The children used their understanding of a whole and a fraction to calculate unit and non-unit fractions of a set of objects and amounts. They found this challenging since some of the questions involved two and three steps and children worked collaboratively working out the different steps.

Pompeii Weekly

Year 3 have enjoyed being reporters and witnesses finding out more about the eruption. After collecting witness statements, children learned more about the use of direct speech and changed the statements by adding inverted commas. We then moved on to recapping the key events leading up to the eruption. Children have been set the exciting task of writing newspaper articles all about the eruption and will be continuing with this next week. We are looking forward to reading them all next week!


We have started our DT project this week, linked to our history unit about the Romans. After learning more about the roles within tribes, children learned more about the purses and wallets they used. Over the next couple of weeks, children will be designing, making, and evaluating their purses. Next week, we will look at a range of purses in more detail and design.


This week, 3B enjoyed developing their pace through various games in Athletics. Children used spots and ran short distances, practising using their arms as they ran around. As a class, we discussed why we slow down when turning a corner and how this impacts the way that we run. We then moved on to running in pairs, chasing bibs. This tested children’s stamina, and many surprised themselves as they ran around several times chasing bibs.

In Zumba, alongside dancing together, children have enjoyed adding to their space-themed dancing sessions. Many have incorporated canons, repetitions, and formations into their dances, all about astronauts landing on the moon.

Well done to our special mentions this week – Isaac K, Faye, Reuben and Amy!

Class photographs

On Thursday, Year 3 took their class photographs and should have come home with a slip. If you would like to purchase a photograph, the order deadline is 19th May 2024.

Dates in your diary

Year 3 will be visiting the Royal Armouries the first week back after half term as part of their history unit about the Romans. We would like some parent helpers to support us with this visit and have attached a return slip for you to fill in. Please return the slips by Friday 24th May.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Begum and Mrs Sykes


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