Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher Blog October 1st 2021

After the stress and disruption of last week when we had to close a class due to COVID, it has been a quieter week (although it is all relative). We have had a further 6 cases of confirmed COVID this week, almost all of which have been in the Juniors this time: two-thirds have been in Y6. I am grateful to families for their vigilance in keeping poorly children away from school and getting them tested. Families doing routine LFD tests have helped. I am also grateful to the family that kept a sibling off when his sister tested positive. The sibling eventually tested positive 8 days later and would have otherwise been in a class with medically vulnerable children and staff. The balance between getting on with ‘normal’ life, and keeping people safe, is a difficult one.

School has been getting back to more normality this week with peripatetic music lessons, most extracurricular clubs and our huge Show Time club for Y5-6 starting again. Over 50 children and quite a few staff really enjoyed the performance of Gangsta Granny last night at the Alhambra, Bradford, and are looking forward to School of Rock in the half-term holiday later this month. We have also started our tutoring programme with White Rose Maths with 36 children from Y1-6.

Today, work has begun on the solar installation on part of the Junior building. Although our decarbonisation plans have been scaled back somewhat due to factors beyond our control, it is still really positive to have such a significant investment in the school. I am looking forward to a significant proportion of the school’s electricity consumption and heating being carbon-free in the near future.


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