Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog May 12th 2018

Farsley is a wonderful place: close to great urban centres but also only a stone’s throw away from beautiful countryside. This was exemplified this week when Year 1 visited the hidden gem of Rodley Nature Reserve down in the Aire Valley. This wonderful place, run by super volunteers, has so much to offer and provides a memorable educational day out for children.  What’s more, it won BBC  Country File Nature Reserve of the Year for 2018!  Here’s what the judge said:  “This is a massive triumph for the volunteers who maintain the site. Right on the edge of Leeds, this previously little-known wetland jewel brings the wild to a huge number of urban and suburban people as well as providing an important stop-over for migrant birds and crucial breeding habitat for wildfowl, amphibians and invertebrates.”

Very many congratulations to the reserve: a well-deserved accolade. I should visit more; the school should visit more. What about your family?


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  • Melissa says:

    We went again a few weeks ago and were so impressed with all the work that’s been done even since our trip with Miss Sedman a few years ago!