Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 5th March 2021

We are so looking forward to welcoming all the children back into school on Monday. A very large majority of children and families have been able to engage very well with the remote learning offer and I think that staff have done a very good job in difficult circumstances. I would particularly like to thank parents and carers for their efforts supporting their children whilst also working from home and having so many other responsibilities and distractions. I am sure that most parents are looking forward to Monday even more than the staff and children!

Today the school celebrated World Book Day in PJs and onesies on the theme of bedtime stories. It was a cold day for it for those children (and staff) in school. It was also ironic that we were encouraging children to remain in bedclothes at home when I bet it may sometimes have been a struggle to get children dressed during lockdown (or is that just my house and my 14 year old?). Sadly, I wasn’t able to get dressed up as I had so many important ‘headteacher-ish’ meetings to (virtually) attend. What a shame!



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  • Rebecca says:

    The teaching staff have done the most amazing job engaging children remotely over the last couple of months. So much patience. Thank you and thank you also to everyone supporting behind the scenes. A fantastic effort overall in faciliating home-schooling for our children.