Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 4th May 2018

It has been an interesting week. I enjoyed working with colleagues from across the three Farsley schools as we observed maths lessons, looked at books and spoke with children at Springbank School. This is a lovely school and Miss Percival and her team are doing a great job in their very smart, newly-extended and refurbished building.  The children that I spoke with were charming and clearly proud of their school and their achievements.  I returned to our school to a cracking staff meeting led by Mrs Loveridge on the effective use of artefacts in history lessons: a great session that will make our studies of the past even more engaging and interesting.

I had the pleasure earlier in the week of offering a job to a newly qualified teacher who is going to be starting her career with us in September. I have been a teacher for over a quarter of a century, but I still remember the excitement of having my own class and classroom for the first time, and I still love to see passionate and talented graduates joining our profession.  It is really important that our school helps these new teachers have a great start to their career. I also spent 40 minutes with an unsuccessful candidate, providing guidance and feedback on their application and performance in the selection process. She has so much potential and sometimes young people need some advice and a bit of luck to get their first break.


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