Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 27th September 2018

I have spent a significant amount of time working with social workers and ‘Virtual School Heads’ (a senior council officer responsible for the educational achievement of looked after children) around Personal Education Plans (PEPs) this week. These important documents detail how school and others will support the learning and educational outcomes of our most important pupils: those for whom we share responsibility as corporate parents. Some of my work has been supporting our Farfield children, and some has been working with Leeds colleagues in redesigning how PEPs are drafted and managed in our city. We can learn from other local authorities: I have been impressed by the tenacity of Kirklees VSH and the commitment of the Kirklees social worker that I have worked with. Social work as a profession doesn’t often get the praise and celebration that it deserves: when done well, there can be few other more valuable contributions to our communities.

This week in school we have had Year 5 dressed up as Spartans and Athenians: I don’t think they really liked the idea of being a Spartan child!  Obviously, the Athenians had democracy and we have had a taste of this through involvement in the Leeds Children’s mayor election. Charlotte in Y6 was one of the shortlisted candidates on the ballot paper and she ran a fantastic campaign over the summer. Sadly, she didn’t win but is a very creditable runner-up with over 850 votes across the city. Well done to Rio who won the election on an anti-racist manifesto.

Today 6H have been up to Yeadon Tarn to have their previously-postponed sailing day linked to their study of the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. The weather has been glorious today compared to last week’s miserable day so good things have come to those that wait… Next week we have our Reception children on their first trip (to Leeds City Library, including an exciting trip on the train) and Y4 off to the Ledston Estate Woods. School trips are a fantastic and very valuable part of the school’s curriculum and I am grateful to staff who organise them and to parents and carers for their support.



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