Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 27th November 2020

It has been sad to have almost empty classrooms in Foundation Stage this week following last week’s positive case, and we are looking forward to having all our children back by the middle of next week. Our teachers have been doing lots of Google Meet phonics, maths and story sessions and have kept in touch with just about everybody. Remote teaching and learning is obviously a very significant challenge for these youngest children and I would like to thank staff, parents, carers and the children for their efforts with this. Thank you also to all those staff that delivered packs home last Friday and over the weekend – often in their own time.

We have got some very positive feedback about our attempts to continue to engage with Early Years families when their ‘bubble’ had burst:

“The on-line lessons that the teacher has been doing have been excellent. It’s given our mornings some structure and 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to hold his attention. I feel that him doing a little bit every day has kept his interest in learning and will make it easier for him once he returns to school. Also, the learning packs that came home have been great. It’s encouraged him to sit down and practise his letter and number formations.

I’m sure you will have all been dreading bubbles having to close but it’s clear to see you were prepared for it and I’m very grateful for all the support we have received. A big thank you!”

When the little ones return next week we are going to change things a little to limit the size of their bubble and reduce the risk of so many children being sent home in one go should this happen again. Sadly, the children will have less access to their shared outdoor area, and won’t mix with their peers, but they will still have outdoors time every day and an otherwise rich curriculum.


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