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Headteacher blog 22/7/21

It’s the end of a long, challenging school year and the children and staff deserve their summer holiday. It has been a very successful year, with good progress across the school and some outstanding SATs results in Year 6. All this has been achieved despite a global pandemic, continued difficulties with attendance and a significant dip in standards across the country. What is more, we didn’t narrow the curriculum at all; our children leave us with a very good all-round education.

This week has been busy – the end of the school year isn’t always my favourite time of year as I rarely get everything done that I need to get done! Monday and Tuesday was particularly challenging with the extreme hot weather but the children and staff showed good resilience. On Wednesday we made an exciting new recruitment to the team: delighted to welcome Betsan Scotter to Farfield from September. We had fabulous ‘Glow in the Dark’ discos on Wednesday evening, with the Junior event being particularly raucous but well-behaved. Our wonderful PTA delivered another great event and have raised an astonishing £10,500 over the year. On Thursday evening a team of Farfield dancers were on the pitch before the Rhinos/Wigan game – they’ll have to go every week as lucky mascots after a massive Leeds win! Today, we had a packed hall and Studio in the Juniors to have an End of Year/Leavers’ assembly with Y6 parents and carers in attendance. There was so much to celebrate which I hope everyone appreciated.

Many thanks to all the staff for their work above and beyond over the course of the year. Thanks also to the governors, PTA and wider parent community for their support and hard work – you make a difference. Have a great summer and see most of you again in September!


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  • Rebecca (Charlotte and Lauren's mum) says:

    An amazing year full of fantastic opportunities and experiences to develop the children.
    Congratulations and thank you to all staff, the PTA and everyone else who contributes to the overall success of the school, making it an exciting and stimulating place for the children to grow and learn.
    Wishing you all a well deserved break and much fun over the Summer!