Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 22/4/22

It’s great to be back at school after the Easter holidays and there is a lovely, purposeful atmosphere in class and around the site. This is my favourite term: better weather, lots of learning and exciting events such as trips, residentials, sports day and Camp-Over. We also have our statutory and other assessments and I am confident that we will be doing well again.

Over the holidays, we finally switched on our infant solar panels and new electric ASHP heating for the infants. We are taking major steps forward towards more sustainable operation (and the cheap solar electricity is very timely).
(The yellow bars are the solar generation, whilst the blue bars are consumption. We will generate more electricity than we use for most of the year, but with more electrical space heating and water heating in the future, we will still need to get electricity from the national grid in the colder months.)

We had two very productive training days prior to the holidays: lots of training for support staff around supporting children with autism, whilst teachers worked on curriculum plans and ‘Knowledge Organisers’. Our focus is ‘Curriculum, Curriculum, Curriculum’ for the next 12 months: checking progression, building upon prior learning, and supporting children to retain more key information in subjects like history, geography and science.


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