Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 2/10/20

The ‘new normal’ is working pretty well it seems. Routines appear well-established and children are working well. I am now doing regular tours again with prospective parents: smaller, single-family groups, wearing facemasks, and distanced from each other and from the school community. I can see that things are very settled and I can feel proud about our school’s offer again. We aren’t able to do absolutely everything that we would have done before – the extensive range of clubs, sporting fixtures, trips or family events – but most of our rich curriculum is still being delivered. Year 2, for example, had an excellent socially distant Florence Nightingale workshop yesterday and on Wednesday Year 4 managed to go swimming.

Attendance has been very good again this week: 96%. This is close to what we would usually expect.  It is so good to have our buzzing, happy school back.


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