Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 15th October 2021

I have spoken with a few heads recently who have all said that this has been a really hard half term: “trying to be normal but it’s not.” Things are so much better than they were in many ways and now we are trying to reinstate the usual expectations around teaching and learning, progress, accountability and school improvement planning. We continue to be hampered, though, by a much higher level of pupil and staff absence than is normal. Furthermore, whilst standards certainly haven’t plummeted as a result of two consecutive heavily disrupted academic years, we aren’t where we would usually be academically. We are putting in interventions where we can, but the best remedy will eventually be consistent, uninterrupted high-quality teaching and learning in the classrooms.

It has been good to see lots of sports in school this week: two competitive school football matches and a girls’ football event on Tuesday evening, and an inclusive bowling event on Thursday. On Saturday, a dozen children are also due to compete in a Leeds Schools’ cross country event. My Y6 football team did well to win 2-0 and I was particularly pleased to see three girls playing a significant role in the performance. Erin, the captain, controlled the middle of the defence and helped keep a clean sheet, whilst Summayyah and Isabel were a threat up front.

It is a bright sunny day today and our solar installation on the Juniors has been completed. Sadly, neither school system is yet switched on due to delays with the local grid but, when they are, I will be even happier on a sunny day than I usually am – especially if it is windy too!


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