Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 13th March 2020

This week it has felt that the Coronavirus pandemic is beginning to affect our lives more directly and place more challenges in front of us. This is a worrying time for many more vulnerable people and we are all working hard to assess and minimise risk whilst also continuing with our everyday lives and work. At the moment, schools in the UK are remaining open, but we are, it feels, swimming against a tide.

I went for a walk along the KS2 corridor this morning and it cheered me up. What does good behaviour and engagement look like? Actually, it can look like so many different things. I visited every class Y3-6 except 3C (who must have been doing something exciting outside) and I was pleased by what I saw in every classroom. This ranged from a silent session of writing in 6S to a bubbly science lesson in 4K with children displaying impressive recall of previous learning: can you recite all the organs in the digestive system perfectly in order?  5L were thinking about emotions in a PSHE lesson and 3E and 5W were doing well with fractions – if they are that confident with fractions in those year groups, the expectations of Y6 are so much more accessible. Children seemed very keen and engaged and they were able to explain what they were doing; Friday 13th was anything but frightful.

Well done to all the children who received a special mention award this week.


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  • Ruth says:

    Really appreciate all the hard work and dedication shown by the staff and helpers at school in these challenging times. Thank you all