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Headteacher blog 12th November 2021

I have been doing more tours for prospective parents this week, and one had an unusual request: they particularly wanted to see a playtime. We changed the timings and accommodated their request and it was lovely to see: junior children spread across the site playing games, climbing the tree house (and real trees to an extent), building dens, exercising on the gym equipment, playing in the mud; infants in the conservation area, swinging on ropes, running around, climbing on the playground equipment, sweeping up piles of leaves with hockey sticks. The prospective parent – who apparently works in schools – commented: “Do they know how lucky they are?”

Other prospective parents commented on the breadth of the curriculum. When they visited, one Y3 class was out at a synagogue, and 36 bleary-eyed Y5 and Y6 children had visited the ballet the evening before. Y1 are off to Skipton Castle next week and some Y4s were at Gym Magic yesterday. One of our minibuses is going to be off the road for a while soon: however will we manage?

Our comprehensive cooking curriculum is part of our rich and broad curriculum.
Making pastry with Y6, apron-less Mrs Patel still looks immaculate!

Finally, this week saw the retirement of Mrs Maureen Wylie from school after 13 and a half years at Farfield and nearly thirty years with Leeds City Council. Maureen has been a fine, dependable colleague and has led on art in the Juniors for many years. She has also been the keeper of the stock: such a key role in any school. We prised the stock cupboard key from her hands this afternoon and wished her the very best of luck for a long, healthy happy retirement with her husband who is also retiring imminently.



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  • Rebecca (Charlotte’s mum) says:

    Lovely reminder of the fantastic curriculum and just how lucky our children are!!! Best wishes to Mrs Wylie for a happy retirement.