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Head teacher blog 23rd November

The weather has turned colder and more miserable and the winter sniffles have definitely arrived. More seriously, a local school has been heavily hit by influenza this week (more than half of Year 3 off school for example). Next week we have influenza vaccinations in our school for all those children up to Y5 that have registered (weeks ago!); uptake seems to be about 66% which is comparable to other schools but feels low to me. We will be sending information home to all those families who missed the communications about this, chose not to, or weren’t able to register for the vaccination as they might be able to belatedly arrange vaccinations at a clinic. Flu is very unpleasant but can be very serious for the very young or old, and people with other medical issues. Please do use tissues and have frequent hand washing. Keep children off school who might have flu until at least 24 hours after having a fever.

More positively, we are going to have a busy school weekend. On Saturday we will have a team competing in the cross country event down by the river in Otley and on Sunday thirty four children are heading to the Town Hall for an exciting recital of War Horse by writer Michael Morpurgo and an orchestra.  This is part of a new cultural Farfield initiative called Show Time: a series of six events over six months with children attending theatres across Leeds and Bradford for a concert, a ballet, musicals and literary events. If it goes well, we will look to run a programme like this every year.


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  • David Hopkins says:

    The Show Time initiative sounds great – especially as it looks at such a broad spectrum of performance. Leeds and Bradford have a wealth of venues and activities to choose from.