Farsley Farfield Primary School

Harvest Festival/Headteacher’s blog 19th October 2018

It was good to see so many parents, grandparents and carers in the audience to day for Harvest Festival (Y1-6). Thank you for your support. I thought that the children all spoke and sang well – I hope that you could hear and see at the back. Harvest Festival is a ‘big deal’ for the school with the Farfield Farm project on site and the children impressively ‘reeled-off’ a huge range of fruits and vegetables during our loose version of ‘Pointless’. It was a smart move for children in Years 3 and 4 to start identifying edible flowers and herbs when trying to think of obscure answers to give to the question: ‘What is grown on Farfield Farm?’  Nasturtiums and marigolds anyone?  Similarly, some children were also very skilled players when they started naming various types of tomatoes and squash rather than just the vegetable itself: Money-Maker and Golden Nugget.  Not what you might expect from 8 and 9 year olds.

Many thanks to all those that contributed food for St George’s Crypt, the parent volunteers who served tea (and cleaned up) or were helpers during the event and to the staff and children that participated.

Mr Harris


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  • Zoe Webb (Jack's Mummy) says:

    Thank you for choosing me and Erin to help make your fruit juice. I also got to taste it and wow it was delicious

  • Melissa says:

    So great to see all the hard work on the farm celebrated at Harvest Festival!