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Year 3 News

Fight or Surrender?

03/05/2024 · No comments yet

It’s been another action-packed week in Year 3! History We are really enjoying learning about the Romans in Year 3! This topic is a great one as it builds perfectly on our learning about Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Last week, we considered from the Roman perspective why the Romans Read More


Vesuvius awakes!

26/04/2024 · No comments yet

Maths This week, we have reached the end of our unit on mass and capacity. Children compared capacity and added different volumes together, converting measurements into litres when needed. Next week, we will move on to the second Fractions unit. Vesuvius is victorious! This week, we enjoyed reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’. The children were Read More


A wonderful trip to Harlow Carr!

19/04/2024 · No comments yet

Year 3 had a very exciting start to the new term with their trips to Harlow Carr. 3SB on Tuesday were a little bit luckier with the weather than 3B, who had some wind, rain and even hailstones to contend with. They did not let this stop their fun though, and both classes had Read More


Happy Holidays!

28/03/2024 · 1 comment

It has been a jam packed term full of assessments, visits to the farm and new learning! Throughout this term, we have been practising singing ‘The Three Little Birds’ and have used our glockenspiels and other instruments as part of our performance. Here are the performances from both classes. We hope you enjoy! Next Read More


This week in Year 3

22/03/2024 · No comments yet

We’ve had a great week in Year 3! English The children have been writing diary entries from the point of view of crew members on board The Endurance. We have been really impressed with the way the children got into role and with the descriptive language they have chosen. Here are some of our Read More