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Year 1 News

Year 1 – 03.05.24

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Phonics We are revisiting the phase 3, phase 4 and phase 5 phonemes/graphemes. The children have read and spelt words with different phonemes/graphemes. They have also written independent sentences. This week we have revised the tricky words ‘would’ and ‘could’. Maths During our maths sessions, the children have looked at arrays and doubles. They Read More


Year 1 – 26.04.24

26/04/2024 · 2 comments

Phonics This week in phonics we have revised split digraphs and the phonemes ai, ay, ea, ee, ey, ie, and igh. We have also carried out another practice phonic screening check. Please continue to use the flashcards, go on Fast Phonics, and read at least four times a week at home. We also practiced Read More


Year 1 – 19.04.24

19/04/2024 · 1 comment

Phonics Over the next few weeks, we will revisit all the phonemes/graphemes we have learnt this year. This week we have looked at ck, ff, ll, ng, ss, zz, ph, wh, ch, sh, th, qu, and ar. We have also revised the tricky words there and called. Maths This week the children have been Read More


Year 1 – 28.03.24

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Phonics The ‘Phonic Detective’ sheets were finished this week. The children have shown us how good they are at spotting the different digraphs and trigraphs in words. We consolidated each detective sheet during our phonics sessions. Some were quite tricky. Maths This week the children continued with work on measurement. We started the week Read More


Year 1 – 22.03.24

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Phonics For our morning tasks, we have continued with our ‘Phonic Detective’ sheets. These lead into our phonics sessions where the children keep looking at the same phonemes/graphemes. This week we have looked at the families: oa/oe/o_e/ow, oo/ew/u_e, au/aw/or, and er/ir/ur. Maths This week we have focused on measuring. We have compared length and Read More