Farsley Farfield Primary School

Camp-Over Success (again)

Despite a wet start, we had a fantastic Camp-Over 2015 event at the weekend. By the evening, the sun was shining and the weather was glorious! 75 families camped and we had just over 500 people on site as we played and socialised for hours on end…

What was particularly good, was that we had so many more volunteers this year and that meant that everyone could ‘do their bit’ and still have a great time. Thank you to everyone that helped – far too many to mention all individually. Lots of people put in any hours, before, during and after the event. Particular thanks, though, go to Mel and the food team, Robin for the new attraction of the dens and, particularly, Diane who worked so hard to bring it all together.  Well done PTA!


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  • Claire Brennan says:

    We all had a fabulous time at the Camp-Over and thanks to everyone who organised the event. Looking forward to 2016!

  • cheryl young says:

    Our first ever camp over. And you made it a night to remember. We absolutely loved it. Would love to do it more often. School should arrange it several times a year. Or I’m going to have to find somewhere to camp with kids further afield. Thank you so much

    • Peter Harris says:

      Not sure I’ll mention that suggestion to Diane just yet – she might keel over! Very glad that you enjoyed it though.

  • Lisa lucas says:

    Brilliant camp over…thanks to the lovely people who came to our rescue and helped put up our tent…lovely day…lovely breakfast…lovely atmosphere…looking forward to next years camp

  • Claire Ackers says:

    Thank you so much to everybody for such a fab weekend, we all had an amazing time, particularly the den building. We didn’t even fall out putting the tent down!!

  • Keivas mum says:

    Yet another well organised event by the school! We had a wonderful afternoon, the highlight being The Gruffalo Walk in the conservation area- even I was scared a little of the Gruffalo!! So proud to know Keiva is going to an amazing school!

  • Ellen and family says:

    Great event again. Thanks for everyone’s hard work. Rhys absolutely loved the water fight and den building which kept him entertained for hours. Erin loves the bird handling and the dancing. Ayla enjoyed the food. We enjoyed the atmosphere and I enjoyed seeing all those painted faces running round having fun. Thank you. X

  • Jackie Malone says:

    So pleased it went well – as last year we were unable to come and wished our gymnastics competition calendar was different! We did think of you all when the sun came out later on and breathed a sigh of relief! Well done team!

  • Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    It was our first camp over and we had a lovely time. Big thank you to everyone for all your hard work. We just got a day ticket this time but hopefully will stay over next year. Just need to buy a tent!

  • Sarah Temporal says:

    Another brilliant weekend, we all had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone involved. Chloe & Elliot had a ball den making, water fighting & playing all day & night with their friends leaving us adults to relax. Fabulous!

  • Lillie's Mum says:

    Thank you for a wonderful day, it was so lovely and the weather was definitely a bonus. Compliments to the creator of the chicken curry too it was delicious (you can post that recipe any time!). Hopefully lots of money raised for a fantastic school!

  • Adam and Amelie Wood's Grandma says:

    a massive thank you to Everyone involved in the organisation of the camp over. You were all truly magnificent. We enjoyed it immensely and the sausage sandwiches were spot on! Well done Farsley Farfield!

  • Sam Shepherd says:

    We had a great time, and thanks to all the staff and helpers who made it such a lovely day. (Not to mention a great chance to sleep in the super easy-to-set-up tipi that the children had for Christmas!)

  • Jo Stan and Georgia Vaughan says:

    We had a great time! Thanks so much. Special mention for Kash for helping us put our tent up…..! Kids already talking about going in 2016!!

  • Christine Slack says:

    A unique, fantastic event. Very proud of our school. My kids were as excited about this as they are about Christmas!! Pure bliss to be able to let them run free. Thank you so much. We appreciate a lot of hard work went into creating this wonderful experience!

  • Zoe Webb says:

    This looks amazing. And next year I would love to bring Jack! What a fantastic community idea! I would also be happy to be part of the committee who organise it (or at least volunteer at the event) if you need help.