Farsley Farfield Primary School

Bizarre pantomime at school

Your child may have come home tonight with strange tales of an unexpected panto at school this morning. I don’t know who the company were, but it was a surreal experience loosely around the story of Aladdin. The children seemed to love it and may have shouted themselves hoarse!

The main school camera failed, but we have some grainy footage from an ipad and phone….

Can your child explain what was going on? I can’t.  Everyone seemed to want to marry or marry-off Jasmine… Jasmine is now so traumatized that she is moving to Australia!


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  • Catherine says:

    Hahaha Maisie has been telling me all about it and how funny it was! Well done 😁😁

  • Zoe (Jack's Mummy) says:

    Jack said the panto was amazing. Jack also wants to thank Miss Mickletwaite. He’s really really going to miss her as are we

  • Melissa says:

    lillie says it was fantastic!!!!!!!!

  • Claire says:

    Rebecca and Theo both enjoyed the panto. Rebecca also wants to let Miss Mickelthwaite know how much she will be missed.

  • Esme’s Dad says:

    Esme enjoyed the pictures of the pantomime

  • Marion says:

    Theo loved it! He was a tiny bit scared of Mr Harris (“even though I am nearly 5!”) but thought the happy song was hilarious!

  • Odin's mum Ruth says:

    Odin really loved the pantomine and said it was brilliant, he was talking about it for ages! Well done to all the teacher’s who took part!

  • Karen (Nathan's Mum) says:

    Ha ha, love it! Wish the adults could see this 😉 Best Wishes to all the fab teachers and staff who make Farfield such a great school for our kids

  • Amrit says:

    Amazing. What about a production for parents please!!?

  • June says:

    Marvellous! Well done everyone. Hannah talked about it all the way home. Abigail mentioned a ghost. Re-run for the parents? Best wishes to Miss Micklethwaite for her next adventure. Happy Christmas from the Parsons.