Farsley Farfield Primary School

6H Residential Day Three

A Message from 6H

We went Canoeing in a reservoir on our last day of residential.  At the start we were getting used to paddling but at the end of the session we all got the hang of it.  We managed to keep dry although there was a bit of splashing!  At the end of the session, we had to put a lot of work into carrying the boats back to the trailer.  Altogether, Canoeing was really fun. Whilst the other group 3 were Canoeing, groups 1 and 2 were Caving in Manchester Cave. We were climbing muddy rocks, getting caving mud facials and trudging through water; we had a lot of fun.  In the evening, we had a campfire where we toasted marshmallows, told jokes and sung our hearts out.  It was a brilliant residential!

Ria and Rohan.





Thursday Night Campfire


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