Farsley Farfield Primary School

5L residential Day 2


We have had another glorious day on residential.

After a hearty breakfast, one group set off for Gisburn Forest and met Chris from British Cycling and Matt from East Bradford Cycle Club. Meanwhile, the other group got ready to cave with Charlie Pyatt.

The children have been fantastic today: trying really hard, being brave and showing resilience if they had a bit of a tumble in the biking. Everyone went caving and completed challenges. It was very wet in there after last night’s rain! Unfortunately, we had some camera issues in the cave and only managed to get a few pictures of one of the groups. Sorry. I can’t explain the scene in the first photo but it wasn’t as dramatic as it seems! We do still have 28 children with us!

We got LOTS of pictures of the cycling. Before I go on, let me assure you that everyone is fine! We had half a dozen tumbles, including Macey who made quite a spectacular detour into a shrub very early on.  No-one seems to have anything more than a bruise or a graze (or both).  Everyone got back on and did really well: you can see Macey smiling on lots of photos and she completed the harder challenge right at the end. Gisburn is great as we can meet the riding levels of a wide range of children: those new to cycling and others who are very confident.  Amelia, Pheobe and Izzabelle were the best climbers; I seem to have a lot of photos of Pheobe as she was always at the front with a smile on her face.  Hopefully, I got at least one photo of everyone!

Farfield children are bred tough and resilient, and supported each other to do so well today. I am proud of all of them.

Now it’s time for dinner…


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  • Debbie Smith says:

    What a great experience!

  • Kate Heap says:

    Tom says, “Classic Farfield Child photos!”! Thank you for giving them such an amazing experience.

  • Zoe F Briggs says:

    Another fun filled day… Well done 5L for persevering with big smiles and supporting each other. X

  • Chloe A says:

    Superb pictures. Very proud of you all 5L. Farfield children really are the very best!

  • Amanda Smith says:

    Great photos, looks like everyone is having fun!

  • Kirsty Shepherd says:

    Great to hear you are all enjoying yourselves and looking out for each other! More amazing photos!
    Thank you so much for giving them another a brilliant experience.

  • Nadine Armitage says:

    Excellent photo’s, looks like you have all had an amazing time.
    Very brave of you going caving through the gaps, and cycling through the woods looks epic (Macey…ever the clumsy one!!)
    I bet you will all sleep well tonight.
    Well done 5L

    • Peter Harris says:

      She has some impressive bruises on her legs: not immediately apparent as she had leggings on. She was very brave and has been immensely smiley ever since for some reason.

  • Nahed Akhtar says:

    Looks like another fun filled day. See you all tomorrow ?

  • Marion Cole says:

    More fantastic photos! Looks like you’re all having a brilliant time and the weather looks glorious!
    (Glad to hear you do still have 28 children… though you don’t say how many you started with…?!)

  • Sarah Temporal says:

    Fantastic photos. Glad everyone is having such a great time. Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

  • Shamim Sadiq says:

    Fab pictures, thank you !
    5L are very lucky to have such a fantastic experience.

  • Margaret (Charlie Heap's grandmother) says:

    Thanks you so much for sharing — we grandparents who live overseas can really enjoy the experience too.

  • Michael Horner says:

    Another incredible day! Wow!

    Stuff Ofsted just cannot and does not measure. Thank you so much for giving our children such a brilliant experience.

  • Claire Brennan says:

    Thank you for all the updates and photos! It’s great to see that everyone is having a fabulous time. Thank you!