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Headteacher blog 9th February 2018

This week has given a good picture of a typical week at Farfield in terms of community support, engaging curriculum, sports and inclusion.

Community support and engagement has been evident in the big turn-out of families for the Year 1 art gallery, a full classroom for a Year 6 briefing on SATS and their residential, some excellent work by two new governors and our Friends of Farfield PTA  ‘staffing’ their upcoming Photo Shoot throughout the coming weekend.  This week also saw the final week of the winter music curriculum for Years 3 and 4 (African drums and ‘boomwhackers’): many thanks to parent volunteer Mr Naysmith who has brought his musical expertise to these sessions for the past ten weeks. Parents had obviously been busy helping their children in Year 3 as they came dressed up for a special day about Ancient Egypt: many thanks for everyone’s support!

This week the school’s leadership team has been auditing our practice around SEND: whilst there is always room for improvement, there was a wealth of very good practice and we clearly have a very dedicated staff team that is committed to successful inclusion. On Thursday, a group of junior children with support staff visited the Valentine’s Fair for a special inclusive opening of the fair: this was an important opportunity for some children who might otherwise not get the chance to attend a fair or for whom the experience with the public might be too difficult.

Despite the freezing weather, we have also had lots of competitive sport this week with two teams of tennis players competing against three other schools and two football teams – (U9 and girls) – having matches this week. After half term we have a big cross country competition that children have been training for, and an U9 football team is in an area-wide tournament. Busy as always!


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  • Emma says:

    Having spend more time than usual this week at Farfield, what a great school it felt like home from home and I was welcomed into the family of Farfield. Thank you all involved