Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher blog January 9th 2015

Welcome back after the New Year celebrations. This is my favourite term as regards academic progress as this is the term with least interruptions to the flow of lessons and learning. The children are all well-established in their classes, they are building on the foundations of term one and there are many fewer distractions in terms of ‘special events’ or training days. We are all focussed on being ‘the best that we can be’.

This week we have begun a series of assemblies and class work around a ‘Growth Mindset’. Led by Mrs Fisher and Mr Wilkinson, this work will develop our understanding of the brain, how it works and the most effective attitudes and attributes that contribute to being a ‘great learner’. Lots of the children have been making their own brain caps and have learnt about neurons and the different parts of the brain.  In KS2 assembly today, the children wore their caps – we looked like a new religion, cult or race of aliens!


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