Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher blog 20th June 2014

It is great to be at Farfield in the summer! Our beautiful grounds come into their own at this time of year – when it doesn’t rain – and it is lovely to see the children enjoying the all the different play environments around the school. This week, we have welcomed all the new Reception families to an open evening and our current Reception children have enjoyed a visit to the Manchester Sea Life Centre. Children in upper KS2 have been for an adventurous walk around Malham and Year 4 have been to Magna in Sheffield to support their science work. Next week, Year 1 are going to Skipton Castle. Mr Wilkinson has been working on a drama project called ‘Granny’s Underground Garden’ with the Y3 classes – I don’t know who enjoyed it more: Mr Wilkinson or the children?

Visits and visitors really enhance our curriculum and we are grateful to families that are able to support with this. I am also grateful to staff that put themselves out to organise these events – some schools simply don’t do it.

Tomorrow we welcome fifty families and their tents for our first ‘Camp-Over’ with another couple of hundred day visitors. The weather forecast is fine but we are still rather nervous (and excited) about it all….


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