Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher blog 19th May 2017

Bees are important at Farfield: we have our own hives to help pollinate crops on the farm and they form the logo and learning ‘hive’ for the school. This week, bees have been centre stage with a very busy colony of bees taking over a bird box at the front of the infant conservation area, and a huge swarm of bees discovered on a tree near the chickens. Fortunately, Bee-Keeping Club were on hand to don their suits and capture the swarm: that must have been an unusual “What did you do at school today?” conversation that evening! Only at Farfield…

Year 2 have been continuing some SATs tests this week. The (current) government has suggested that they are willing to phase these tests out and I would welcome this (but unfortunately their suggestion of a ‘high-stakes’ in Reception could be even worse!). We try to make these tests as relaxed as possible, but it still doesn’t seem right to see 6 and 7 year olds sat under exam conditions. At one point, a lovely little boy tried to help a peer sat on a neighbouring desk who was stuck. The teacher correctly quickly intervened before any unfair assistance was given but the boy was shocked to have been stopped and got a little upset. It all seems so unnecessary.

Whereas the Y6 SATs are marked externally, the Y2 SATs inform teacher assessments and are marked ‘in-house’. From what I have seen so far, the children are generally doing well and there is so much progress to be proud of. The staff and children are to be commended for their hard work and commitment to learning throughout the year.

Next week, Year 5 are off on residential in the Yorkshire Dales and then after the half term holiday, Year 6 go on their residential to How Stean Gorge. I will be heavily involved in both residentials – they are a highlight of my year! Come rain or shine, we will have a great time and the children will grow through many new and exciting experiences. Many thanks to families for supporting us financially with this and to all the staff who give up their time being ‘on duty’ 24 hours a day. Particular thanks must go to Mrs Hawkhead for all her organisational skills, bringing the plans together.


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