Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher blog 12/5/17

Children have been sitting SATs tests this week (reading in Y2 and reading, grammar, spelling and maths in Y6) and I would like to thank all the children and staff for their hard work and concentration. The Y6 papers are marked externally and we get the results in July, but Y2 papers inform teacher assessments and are marked by our own teachers: Mrs Lace and Mrs Loveridge have been very pleased with both the attainment and the progress that is clearly evident amongst the Y2 children in reading – well done!

It has been a very busy week for visits and visitors: Y1 have had an exotic animal workshop, Y4 have visited Cartwright Hall in Bradford to learn about Islamic art and history whilst Y5 visited the Yorkshire Water visitor centre in Headingley as part of their work on the water cycle. All these visits and visitors contribute to a rich and wide curriculum. The trips in Y4 and 5 were either cheap or free as we have our own minibuses: it might be easy to take them for granted, but I was reminded of their value this week when my son’s school charged £7 for a trip that I know that our school has done many times for free.

Finally, it is time to draw to a close the two timber ‘trim trails’ that have been a feature of Farfield for at least 15 years. Combined, the two trails add up to a whopping 110m of obstacles and they are all showing their age and either need repair or complete replacement. Like for like replacement will be extremely expensive so we may simply remove the two trails in the short term (not a small job!) and review grounds development and physical activity again. I think our lucky children will still have plenty of play opportunities but I must ask that children no longer use these two areas.


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