Farsley Farfield Primary School

Special visitors

Today we had two special visitors: Nile and Joanna Wilson.  What an August the Wilson family had: Nile became the first British athlete to medal in the high horizontal bar and Joanna got her A level results as she touched down on her return from Rio and has secured a place at Cambridge University to read science! Both are former Farfield students and they are the ultimate embodiments of a ‘Growth Mindset’. They both spoke with the children in an assembly and then toured the school for photos and a feel of the medal. Not quite every class got a chance to hold the medal, but if they did everyone commented on how heavy it is. If any children missed out, they need to perhaps win one of their own! We hope that they will both be inspirations to our children!

The photo of the hands needs a little explanation: back in 2003 there was some wet cement in Nile’s garden. His dad suggested taking hand prints of the 7 year old Nile and 5 year old Joanna. He asked what he should write alongside. Nile replied:: Olympic Gymnast”. Follow your dreams.


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  • Zoe Webb says:

    Jack will have loved this. How lucky were the students.

  • kate says:

    Very lucky children, what an inspiration. Will you be posting any more photos of the visit ? If possible we would love to download a copy of the one with Isla’s class, she is a really keen gymnast and would like to add the photo to her gym wall. Thanks for giving them this opportunity.

    • Peter Harris says:

      I have emailed you a group photo. I didn’t put all the photos on the website; hopefully, teachers will add some more to class blogs.

  • Chloe Anderson says:

    Wonderful! I especially like the pride in Nile’s face when he’s watching Joanna speaking.

  • Sammi's mum says:

    What an inspiring pair of former students. Sammi came home talking about the weight of the medal. So pleased for the students!

  • Lindsay says:

    How wonderful and so inspiring for everyone, I wish I could have met him!

  • Alison Thornton says:

    The Thornton boys were so excited yesterday and spent the afternoon and evening at the park practising their gymnastic skills. They have been inspired to follow their dreams! Thank you Nile, Joanna and FFPS 🙂

  • Ayaan's mum says:

    Definitely “follow your dreams”. An inspirational pair. Huge achievements.
    Thank you for sharing.